Ministry of Housing

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The Ministry of Housing was established in November 2014 and has as its 1st Commissioner, Mr. Alexander Markus Senloh who served between December 2014- June 2015.

Alhaji Abubakar Sule Ndigmay is the present Commissioner and Arc. Christopher Shaki is the current Permanent Secretary.

Taraba Savings and Loans Limited is an Agency under the Ministry.

Functions of the Ministry:

  1. Construction of government buildings.
  2. Supervision of all government building projects.
  3. Management and maintenance of government estates.
  4. Provision of consultancy services to MDAs.
  5. Valuation of landed properties for all purpose on behalf of the State Government.
  6. Liaising with Mortgage Institutions and beneficiaries on the funding of Housing Programmes in the state.

Achievements of the Ministry:

The Ministry has recorded the following achievements;

  1. Raised Two Hundred and Seventy Million, one Hundred and Eighty-One Thousand, Eight Hundred and Thirty-Five Naira, Seventy-Two Kobo (N270, 181, 835.72) from the collection of rent on government quarters and estates through direct deductions from salaries of tenants and cash payments from 2008-2015.
  2. Renovation of 1 no. Staff quarters at Senior Staff Quarters, Jalingo.

Hon. Sule Abubakar Ndigmay

Hon. Sule Abubakar Ndigmay is the present Commissioner of Housing. He was born on 12th December 1968 and is married with 12 children. He hails from Sardauna Local Government Area.

Hon. Ndigmay started his educational career at Mansur Primary School, Gembu from 1973-1977. He then proceeded to Government Secondary School, Gembu from 1979-1983. He gained admission into the Taraba state Polytechnic from 2007-2009 to 2009-2010.

Workshops Attended

Some of the workshops attended by Hon. Ndigmay are as follows;

  1. Certificate of participation first National Legislators Conference, Abuja-2005.
  2. Labour Management Relations and its effects on productivity and the national economy in November 2000.
  3. 19998 Annual Industrial Relations Seminar of NUFB/TE at Airport Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos.
  4. The role of Local Government Council in promoting needs at the grassroots- July 2004.

Political Appointments Held

Hon. Ndigmay has held the following appointments;

  1. Chief of Staff, Sardauna Local Government Council, Gembu. 2012-2015.
  2. Senior Special Adviser to Care-Taker-Chairman (CTC), Sardauna L.G Council. May 2015-October, 2015.
  3. State Commissioner from 14th November 2015 till date.

He enjoys reading, visitation and sports.

The Permanent Secretary

Architect Christopher Shaki.

No previous Commissioners
Name Duration
Alhaji Aminu Mohammed Karim 2014 – 2016