Ministry of Rural Development

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The Ministry of Rural Development was established in the Year 1996. It had its First Commissioner as Hon. Musa John in 1997 and Mr Guram Bawa as the Permanent Secretary in 1996.

The Ministry has had 12 Commissioners and 11 Permanent Secretary since its inception. Hon. Alexander Markus is the current Commissioner while Mr. Ayuba A. Z. Dampar is the Permanent Secretary.

The ministry has 6 Directors and 2 Parastatals under which it operates.


  • Rural Electrification Board
  • Rural Access and Mobility Project Agency (RAMP)

Functions of the Ministry

  • Provision of electricity to rural communities not connected to the National Grid.
  • Empowerment of rural communities through skills development activities, micro-credit financing and participatory development strategies.
  • Promotion of grassroots community participation in self-help projects in addition to provision of grants for self-help projects.
  • Encouraging waste to wealth policies.
  • Advising the Government on issues relating to all subject matters under the purview of the Ministry.

Achievements of the Ministry

  • Purchase and Installation of 1 Nos MVA and 3 Nos 300KVA Transformer at Jalingo Airport.
  • Purchase and Installation of 2 Nos transformer in Sunkani and 2 No of Transformer at B/Dutse.
  • Rehabilitation of ITC line from Mararaba Kunini to Kunini Town.
  • Installation of 4 Nos of Transformer at Bali.
  • Smaji Hydro Power (SHP) Kakara Phase II Feasibility and Engineering design.
  • Kakara Small Hydro Power.
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Mr. Ayuba Zaku Dampar
Previous Commissioners that served in the Ministry ar represented in the Table below;

Names Duration
Alh. Julde Dauda Rilwan 2015
Alh. Hadi Lau 2014
Hon. Rebo Usman 2013
Alh. Iliya Lange 2013
Alh. Abubakar Tutare 2009
Alh. Musa Elwakili 2006
Hon. Steven Umar 2004
Hon. Habila Ahima 2004
Haj Batulu 2002
Alh. Ibrahim Dakka 2000
Hon. Musa John 1997
Previous Permanent Secretaries that served in the Ministry are represented the Table below

Names Duration
Dr John D. Zakka 2015 – September, 2016
Mr Saleh Mutum Biyu 2015
Mr Manu Gangumi 2010
Dr Muhammed 2008
Mr Zubairu Mai Dawa 2005
Mr Tukur Pate 2002
Mr David Tikon 2001
Mr Gurama Bawa 1996
Samuel Madaki
Habu Sani Kona
Mr D. D Elisha
Joseph Mochoko