Health Service Management Board

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The Health Services Management Board, Jalingo was established in August, 1991 and is currently under the leadership of Dr. Micah Madaki as its Executive Secretary.

Directors in the Board:

Current Directors in the Board include;

  1. Samson Joseph TIjo – Secretary
  2. Danjuma Ibrahim – Finance
  3. Alexander Okan – Medical Services
  4. Yakubu Akawu – Pharmateutical Services
  5. Gladys A. Babaji – Nursing Services
  6. Amamra Nderi Tawun – Laboratory Services

Functions of the Board:

Functions of the Board include;

  • To manage, control and operate all Government Hospitals in the State.
  • To provide information and advice to the State Ministry of Health to facilitate the development of realistic state policies and plans.
  • To direct, motivate and control the performance of staff.
  • To ensure that progress is in accordance with objectives, targets and that services are provided with efficiency and economy.
  • To undertake the general Maintenance and minor Services of Hospitals, Dental centres, Clinics etc.
  • To ensure uniformity of condition of Services throughout the State and compatibility with Federal Government policies.

Achievements of the Board:

Below are the achievements of the Board;

  • Adequate Provision of Health Care Delivery Services across the State.
  • Regular promotion of Staff.
  • Adequate Supervision of Hospitals in the State.
  • Adequate Staff Welfare.
  • Training and re-training of staff.

Executive Secretary

Dr. Madaki Micah Musa is the Executive Secretary, Health Services Management Board, Jalingo. He was born on 22nd November, 1963 and hails from Takum Local Government Area. He is married with four (4) children.

He started his educational career at the Takum East Primary School from 1971-1977 and proceeded to Sakato Government Secondary School, Numan from 1977-1982, where he then enrolled into the University of Maiduguri from 1982-1989.

Dr. Madaki has headed various Government Hospitals like the Specialist, Jalingo and General Hospitals of Bambur and Zing.

He was also Director, Medical Services, State Coordinator, HIV/AIDS Programme (Ministry of Health), 2001-2012 and Head of Medical Team to Israel on Christian Pilgrimage.

Workshops Attended:

He has attended the following workshops;

  • Strategic Health Management Course in London – September,2013.
  • Use of Anti-Retroviral Therapy in Resource Limited Setting, Mildmay, Uganda – October, 2002.
  • Managing Procurement and Logistics of HIV/AIDS Drugs, World Bank, Abuja – June, 2005.
  • Global Funding Training on HIV/AIDS, Lagos – March, 2007.
  • Training of Doctors on Essential Obstetric Care, University of Jos – 2009.

Political Appointments:

He presently holds a Political Appointment as Executive Secretary, Health Services Management Board and enjoys Reading, Travelling and Table-tennis.

Past Executive Secretaries that served with the Board are presented in the Table below;

Names Duration
Pharm. Paninga Billeya James 2013-1014
Pharm. Imam Ibrahim 2012-2013
Dr. Sale Aji 2006-2012
Dr. Siman D. Ambita 2005-2006
Pharm. Ifraimu Ikifasi 2003-2005
 Mr. Linus D. Ibrahim 2001-2003
Dr. Hammid B. Mohammed 1992-2001
Alh. Mohammed Tutur Dete 1991-1992