Government Executives

Governor of Taraba State


Dr. Agbu Kefas was born on 12 November 1970, in Wukari, Taraba State (formally Gongola State), Nigeria to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Kefas. His family is renowned for great strides and achievements in the military and public service. He is a product of some of the most reputable institutions of learning in Nigeria, namely; the Nigerian Defence Academy in Kaduna where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and Defense Studies in 1994, the University of Ibadan in Oyo State, where he bagged a Masters Degree in Legal Criminology & Security Psychology in 2005 and the Delta State University, Abraka where he obtained a Masters Degree in Public Administration in 2008. Also, he has a number of prestigious Executive education certifications from global institutions like Harvard Kennedy School in US.

Dr. Agbu Kefas retired from the Nigerian army after 21 years of service. Upon his retirement, he was appointed chairman Governing board of directors Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) between 2013 and 2015.
He was also a member of the Presidential Committee on North-East Initiative from 2016 to 2019 before he fully joined politics by emerging the State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Taraba State in 2020. In 2022, Dr. Agbu Kefas contested in the Taraba State PDP gubernatorial primary election and won. Kefas ran for office of the Governor of Taraba State in March 2023 as a member of the Peoples Democratic Party, the state’s ruling party. He won the election, defeating second-place Muhammad Yahaya of the Nigeria People’s Party by just 100,337 votes.

Dr. Agbu Kefas is married to Patience and they have four children.

Deputy Governor

Alh. Aminu Alkali

Aminu Abdullahi Alkali, born on July 3, 1961, in Zing, Taraba State, has journeyed from his agricultural roots to become the Deputy Governor of Taraba State. With diplomas in agriculture from the College of Agriculture in Jalingo and A.B.U. College of Agriculture in Samaru Zaria, and in Public Administration from the Institute of Administration, A.B.U. Kongo Zaria, and Adamawa State Polytechnic, Yola, Alkali began his career in 1979 as an Agricultural Instructor. His dedication to farming and community development led him to various key roles within the agricultural sector, contributing significantly to Taraba’s agricultural advancement.

In 2023, Alkali’s commitment to public service earned him the role of Deputy Governor. His leadership emphasizes inclusive governance and participatory decision-making, ensuring all residents’ voices are heard. Alkali’s efforts have promoted agricultural development, enhanced food security, and improved farmers’ livelihoods. He advocates for inclusive governance and represents Taraba State at regional and national forums, attracting investments and fostering socio-economic advancement. His blend of technical expertise and strategic vision positions Taraba State for a future marked by growth, inclusivity, and prosperity.


Hon. Commissioner of Information and Reorientation

Barr. Zainab Usman Jalingo

Barr. Zainab Usman Jalingo, born on May 29, 1986, in Yola, Adamawa State, is a distinguished legal and information governance professional. As the Taraba State Commissioner for Information and Reorientation since 2023, she has significantly advanced the state’s communication and reorientation strategies. With a Master’s in Business & Commercial Law (MBCL) and a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from Bayero University, Kano, and a Barrister at Law (BL) from the Nigerian Law School, her strong legal background and understanding of business complexities have equipped her to navigate public administration effectively.

Under Barr. Zainab’s leadership, Taraba State has seen notable improvements, including the revitalization of Taraba Television (TTV) and radio stations, the launch of an innovative CRM system to enhance citizen engagement, and the modernization of the state government’s online presence. She has also coordinated multimedia programs to improve government communication efficiency and transparency and is upgrading the Taraba State Printing Press to global standards. Her professional journey includes significant roles in the High Court of FCT, Abuja, and she has received commendations for her dedication and professionalism. Her visionary leadership continues to elevate Taraba State’s digital and informational frameworks, fostering enhanced citizen engagement and transparency.

Hon. Commissioner of Works, and Infrastructure Development

Comrade Moseh Luka Adi

Comrade Moseh Luka Adi, the Honourable Commissioner of Works and Infrastructure Development in Taraba State, has been a driving force in transforming the state’s infrastructure. With a strong foundation in political science and development studies, Comrade Adi brings a unique perspective to his role, effectively navigating the complexities of public works. His strategic planning, project supervision, stakeholder collaboration, and efficient resource management have been instrumental in propelling Taraba’s infrastructure forward, making it more aligned with the aspirations of its people.

Under Comrade Adi’s leadership, numerous transformative projects have significantly enhanced Taraba’s infrastructure. These include the remodeling and renovation of prominent buildings like TY Danjuma House and the Abacha State Secretariat, new construction initiatives such as the dual carriageway in Jalingo, community road rehabilitation, and the installation of solar street lighting in key areas. His efforts are not merely about construction but about creating a future where infrastructure meets the needs and aspirations of every citizen in Taraba State, ensuring a more connected, sustainable, and prosperous community.

Hon. Commissioner of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change

Hajiya Aishat Abdul-Azeez Barde

Hajiya Aishat Abdul-Azeez Barde’s dedication to environmental stewardship has driven significant progress in addressing Taraba State’s climate challenges. With a background in Geology from the University of Maiduguri and a master’s degree in Environmental Resource Management from Nasarawa State University, she built her career within the Federal Ministry of Environment, advancing from Scientific Officer II to Principal Scientific Officer with the National Council on Climate Change. Appointed by Governor Dr. Agbu Kefas as the Honourable Commissioner, she leverages her expertise, integrity, and visionary approach to lead the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

Under her leadership, the Ministry has restructured to address climate issues more effectively, implementing executive orders to ban illegal mining and deforestation, and developing sustainable policies. Her initiatives include promoting clean cooking solutions, mitigating resource conflicts, and enhancing climate change awareness. Her international participation, such as representing Taraba State at the UNFCCC COP28, underscores her commitment to global climate action. Hajiya Aishat’s efforts in reforestation, collaborative agreements for sustainable development, and advancing Nigeria’s carbon market framework highlight her impactful leadership and unwavering dedication to creating a sustainable future for Taraba State.

Hon. Commissioner of Finance, Budget, and Economic Planning

Dr. Sarah Enoch Adi

Dr. Sarah Enoch Adi, the Honourable Commissioner of Finance, Budget, and Economic Planning for Taraba State, has been a transformative force in the region’s economic landscape. With an extensive educational background that includes a Diploma in Tax Administration, a National and Higher National Diploma in Accountancy, a Master of Banking & Finance, and a Doctorate in Accounting, Dr. Adi’s qualifications are further bolstered by her certifications as a Certified National Accountant and a Chartered Systems Accountant. Her scholarly contributions in corporate governance and environmental reporting are widely recognized, reflecting her deep expertise and thought leadership.

In her role, Dr. Adi has been pivotal in mobilizing resources for economic development, managing government revenue, and overseeing the state’s budget. She coordinates World Bank and multilateral funds, ensures efficient debt management, and guides fiscal policies to maintain financial stability. Her leadership has resulted in significant achievements, including boosting internally generated revenue, securing federal grants, attracting investments, and ensuring the prompt payment of staff salaries and gratuities. Dr. Adi’s commitment to quality project delivery and fiscal responsibility has made her a beacon of progress and prosperity for Taraba State.

Hon. Commissioner for the Ministry of Rural & Urban Development

Peter Julius Vau

Peter Julius Vau, born in July 1974 in Lau, Taraba State, Nigeria, is the Honourable Commissioner for the Ministry of Rural & Urban Development. His commitment to education began early, progressing from Lau Central Primary School to Government Technical Secondary School in Mubi, and earning his National Certificate of Education from the College of Education in Jalingo. Furthering his academic pursuits, he obtained a National Diploma in Guidance and Counselling, a diploma in Computer Appreciation, a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Education from the University of Calabar, and a Master’s degree in Education Research Measurement and Evaluation from Taraba State University. His thirst for knowledge led him to international training programs across the globe, enhancing his leadership skills.

Peter’s professional career is marked by his dedication to education and leadership. Starting as a classroom teacher, he rose to become the Social Secretary for the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) in Lau and later the State Chairman of NUT, Taraba State. His commitment to youth advocacy was evident during his 14 years with the National Youth Council of Nigeria and his research on students’ emotional intelligence. In 2023, he was appointed as the Honourable Commissioner for the Ministry of Rural & Urban Development, where he has been pivotal in advancing development projects in Taraba State. Married and deeply rooted in Taraba, Peter is known for his team spirit, effective communication, and unwavering dedication to organizational development, continuing to lead and inspire progress in his community.

Hon. Commissioner for Health

Dr. Bodiya Gbansheya Buma

Dr. Bodiya Gbansheya Buma is a renowned consultant anaesthetist and critical care specialist, whose career spans from distinguished medical practice to impactful leadership in Taraba State. As the Hon. Commissioner for Health, he dedicates himself tirelessly to safeguarding and enhancing the health of every citizen. Dr. Buma’s extensive expertise in anaesthesia and critical care medicine has earned him international recognition, laying a solid foundation for his pivotal role in government.

In his capacity as Commissioner for Health, Dr. Buma oversees critical responsibilities that shape the state’s healthcare landscape. His duties include ensuring health protection, comprehensive service provision, policy formulation, rigorous regulation of healthcare providers, and maintaining quality assurance standards. Under his stewardship, Taraba State has experienced remarkable advancements in healthcare, marked by expanded immunisation coverage, the revitalisation of healthcare infrastructure such as the Ussa Referral Hospital, and the introduction of innovative healthcare initiatives like mobile clinics and a robust disease outbreak management system.

Dr. Buma’s visionary leadership has not only elevated healthcare standards but also exemplified a commitment to service that continues to transform lives across Taraba State. His enduring legacy underscores a blend of medical excellence and administrative prowess, making him a beacon of health advocacy and progress in the region.

Hon. Commissioner for Women’s Affairs and Child Development

Honorable Mary Sinjen

Honorable Mrs. Mary Sinjen, Commissioner for Women’s Affairs and Child Development in Karim-Lamido, Taraba State, is a beacon of dedication and passion. Her journey began at Nigerian Army Children’s Primary School in Biu, Borno State, leading her through Government Day Secondary School, Federal Polytechnic in Mubi, and Lagos State Polytechnic where she excelled in Accounting and Finance. She later earned a Master’s in Business Administration from Ladoke Akintola University.

With nearly two decades of experience in corporate finance, Mary is a certified member of esteemed organizations including the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria and the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria. Beyond her career, she serves as an ordained pastor and advocates for women’s empowerment through the Nigerian Army Officers Wives Association (NAOWA). Supported by her husband and three children, Mary’s legacy of determination and compassion inspires all who know her.

Hon. Commissioner of Social Justice and Re-integration

Hon. Filister Irarimam Musa

Hon. Filister Irarimam Musa, Taraba State’s Commissioner of Social Justice and Re-integration, brings a wealth of academic prowess with a PhD in Biology to her role championing social justice and community reintegration. Leading with compassion, she has revitalized local Area Offices in Wukari and Gembu and launched impactful initiatives like White Cane Day for the visually impaired and the reinstatement of Senior Citizen Day.

Under her stewardship, Taraba State celebrated its inaugural World Social Justice Day, underscoring her commitment to global equity. Hon. Musa’s proactive approach extends to empowering persons with disabilities through training sponsorships, enhancing their skills and independence. Her legacy resonates with compassion, empowerment, and a steadfast dedication to human dignity, making her a beacon of hope and progress in Taraba State.

Hon. Commissioner of the Ministry of Water Management & Aquatic Affairs

Hon. Daniel Ishaku

Hon. Daniel Ishaku, Commissioner of the Ministry of Water Management & Aquatic Affairs in Taraba State, has led a transformative initiative under Dr. Agbu Kefas’s administration, enhancing water governance across the state. Within his first year, he initiated a comprehensive tour of Taraba’s water facilities, identifying critical areas for improvement and aligning strategies with state goals. His leadership has secured water rights through timely royalty payments, implemented solar-powered solutions in marginalized communities like Serti prison yard, and revitalized major projects with substantial investments.

Under his stewardship, urban water supply in Jalingo Metropolis has remained consistent, earning national recognition through participation in key water resources forums and securing international collaborations and grants with the African Development Bank and World Bank for sustainable solutions. Hon. Ishaku’s dedication ensures that every water resource in Taraba flows towards community development and prosperity, marking a path of innovation and excellence in water management.

Hon. Commissioner of Commerce, Trade, and Industry

Hon. Peter George

Hon. Peter George, Commissioner of Commerce, Trade, and Industry, epitomizes a transformative journey rooted in the lush landscapes of Sardauna, Taraba State. Born and bred in Sardauna Local Government Area, Hon. George’s path began with a robust education in Political Science and International Relations, complemented by ongoing studies in Conflicts and Peace Resolution at Taraba State University. Equipped with this academic foundation, he channels his deep-seated passion for economic development into his pivotal role as Commissioner.

At the helm of the Ministry of Commerce, Trade, and Industry, Hon. Peter George spearheads initiatives aimed at propelling Taraba State’s economy forward. His responsibilities span policy formulation, private sector development, industry promotion, economic marketing, business registration, and federal liaison.

Under his leadership, the ministry has achieved notable milestones, including the development of trade and industrial policies, the production of investment guides, successful participation in national and international trade fairs, and infrastructure enhancements in key markets like the Kefas Palliative Market and the forthcoming international yam market in Wukari.

Hon. Peter George’s vision and dedicated efforts are paving the way for Taraba State’s economic prosperity. Beyond governance, his work embodies a commitment to fostering growth, stability, and opportunity, ensuring a promising future for generations to come.

Hon. Commissioner for the Ministry of Energy and Economic Development

Engr. Naomi Tanko Agbu

Engr. Naomi Tanko Agbu, the Commissioner for the Ministry of Energy and Economic Development (MEED) in Taraba State, is a transformative leader dedicated to steering the state towards a sustainable and prosperous future. Her vision encompasses energy security and economic growth, positioning Taraba State as a leader in these critical areas.

Under Engr. Agbu’s leadership, MEED plays a pivotal role in formulating and implementing policies that promote sustainable energy initiatives and foster economic development. This includes supporting renewable energy projects, enhancing energy efficiency, and administering state funding for key economic initiatives and scientific research. The ministry’s mission aligns with global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 7 and 8, focusing on affordable and clean energy and decent work and economic growth, respectively.

Engr. Agbu’s leadership style emphasizes proactive governance and inclusive collaboration, fostering an environment where innovation thrives and strategic partnerships flourish. Her efforts not only address current energy and economic challenges but also pave the way for Taraba State to achieve long-term sustainability and competitiveness. Through her unwavering commitment,

Engr. Agbu is driving Taraba towards a future characterized by progress, resilience, and prosperity for all its residents.

Hon. Commissioner of Science and Technology

Usman Muslim Abdullahi

Usman Muslim Abdullahi, the Honorable Commissioner of Science and Technology for Taraba State, is a dedicated professional from Mutum-Biyu, Gassol Local Government Area. Born on May 20, 1988, Usman’s educational journey began at Success Nursery and Primary School, followed by Lugga GDSS Mutum-Biyu and GDSS Kawaji Boys in Kano for his secondary education.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Maiduguri and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Usman’s career spans roles including Community Liaison Officer during NYSC, lecturer at CEO Zing, and Senior Special Assistant to the Governor and Deputy Governor on Media and Publicity. His expertise in science and education is complemented by his commitment to community service and research, notably in projects like the spectrophotometric determination of caffeine in tea samples in 2023.

Usman remains rooted in Mutum-Biyu, embodying values of integrity and service. His journey from local education to key governmental positions reflects his dedication to personal growth and public service, inspiring others in Taraba State.

Hon. Commissioner for the Ministry of Digital Economy and Innovation

Gideon Samuel Nonso Mbaso

Gideon Samuel Nonso Mbaso, the Honourable Commissioner for the Ministry of Digital Economy and Innovation in Taraba State, hails from the vibrant community of Gembu in Sardauna Local Government Area. His journey from Gembu to his current role is rooted in a deep understanding of his state’s potential and challenges. With a Bachelor’s degree in Economics Education and ongoing pursuit of a Master’s in Economics from Taraba State University, Honourable Mbaso has fortified his academic foundation to drive economic transformation through digital innovation.

In his capacity as Commissioner, Honourable Mbaso leads initiatives to propel Taraba State into a digital era. His responsibilities include formulating policies to foster digital growth, enhancing infrastructure like broadband networks, and ensuring cybersecurity.

Under his leadership, the Ministry promotes e-commerce, digital entrepreneurship, and the integration of emerging technologies across sectors. Achievements under his tenure include the integration of digital solutions in government operations, extensive digital literacy campaigns benefiting thousands, and the establishment of Taraba’s digital base station. His influence extends nationally, advocating for digital inclusion and sustainable development, earning recognition for his contributions to Nigeria’s digital future.
Through his visionary leadership and unwavering commitment, Honourable Gideon Samuel Nonso Mbaso is not only shaping Taraba State as a digital powerhouse but also leaving a lasting impact on Nigeria’s digital landscape.

Hon. Commissioner of Agriculture and Food Security

Professor Nicholas Oliver Namessan

From Bandawa village in Karim Lamido LGA, Professor Nicholas Oliver Namessan has risen to lead Taraba State’s agricultural transformation. Educated at the Federal University of Technology, Yola, he holds a PhD in agricultural engineering and has served as a distinguished professor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration).

Beyond academia, Professor Namessan chaired university committees and led community service initiatives. His memberships include the Nigerian Institution of Agricultural Engineers and the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, underscoring his expertise.

Appointed Commissioner, he drives initiatives like tractor procurement and a Special Agro Processing Zone, advancing agricultural productivity and food security in Taraba State. His leadership ensures a prosperous future for agriculture in the region.

Hon. Commissioner of Ecotourism

Hon. Joseph Titus Nagombe

Rev. Hon. Joseph Titus Nagombe, born on January 25, 1981, in Mayoselbe, Gashaka Local Government, has risen from a small village to a prominent state leader in Taraba. His academic journey includes a PhD in Security and Strategic Studies (in progress) from Nasarawa State University, two Master’s degrees in Security Studies and Religion and Culture, a Bachelor’s degree in Theology Education, and theological certifications. His dedication to knowledge and impactful change reflects his visionary approach to leadership.

Appointed as the Commissioner for Heritage and Ecotourism in 2023, Joseph’s role embodies his passion for preserving Taraba’s cultural and natural heritage. Previously, he coordinated the NGADA Special Development Area (2016-2022), spearheading initiatives in agriculture, education, and peacebuilding. An advocate for human rights, his leadership has empowered marginalized communities. His numerous awards for leadership and service highlight his transformative impact. As Commissioner, Joseph’s initiatives aim to sustain Taraba’s heritage and natural beauty for future generations, embodying his commitment to progress and hope.

Hon. Commissioner for the Ministry of Education

Dr. Augustina Godwin

Dr. Augustina Godwin, born on August 21, 1974, in Jalingo, Taraba State, Nigeria, has forged a distinguished career in education marked by determination and passion. Beginning at Hassan Primary School in Jalingo, she nurtured a love for learning that guided her through Government Science Secondary School and Saint Peter’s Minor Seminary in Yola, Adamawa State, culminating in a Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) from the Federal College of Education, Yola, in 1997. Her academic journey expanded internationally with a Psycho-Spiritual course at the Institute of Saint Anselm, England, and a degree in English and Christian Religious Education from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi, Kenya. Joining Taraba State University as a Graduate Assistant in 2010, she advanced her studies at Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), earning a Master’s in Educational Psychology and later a PhD in Educational Psychology, showcasing her commitment to teaching and research.

Appointed Commissioner of Education by Governor Dr. Agbu Kefas in 2023, Dr. Augustina has spearheaded transformative initiatives, including free primary and secondary education, increased enrollment, reduced out-of-school rates, and enhanced teacher performance through workshops and policy alignment, solidifying her reputation as a trailblazer in educational reform and leadership in Taraba State.

Hon. Commissioner of Youth and Sports Development

Amb. Joseph Joshua

Amb. Joseph Joshua, the Hon. Commissioner of Youth and Sports Development in Taraba State, was born on September 18, 1988, in the culturally rich community of Takum. Raised in a devout Christian household, Joseph’s early life instilled in him a profound sense of community and faith. He began his education at Yatso (Salama) Primary School and continued at Government Christian Secondary School in Yobe State, completing his secondary education in 2018. Driven by a thirst for knowledge, he furthered his studies at the Ecole Superieure de Technologic Et Gestion in the Benin Republic, earning a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in 2021.

Joseph’s career took a significant turn when he became a FIFA licensed agent, showcasing his passion for sports and commitment to fostering talent. His dedication led to his appointment as the Commissioner for Youth and Sports Development, where he coordinates and supervises youth and sports activities in Taraba State. As a member of the Taraba State Executive Council and Chairman of the NYSC Board in Taraba State, Joseph has launched numerous initiatives to enhance the lives of young people. His efforts include presenting essential supplies to NYCN orientation camps and ensuring the effective utilization of youth resources. His journey from Takum to a key government official is a testament to his dedication and passion, inspiring many with his remarkable achievements.

Hon. Commissioner Ministry of Cooperative and Poverty Alleviation

Hon. Habu James Philip

Hon. Habu James Philip, Commissioner for the Ministry of Cooperative and Poverty Alleviation in Taraba State, embodies a journey of dedication and resilience, born from humble beginnings in Bali on May 27, 1985. His educational path led through Bali 1 Primary School, Government Secondary School, and studies in Microbiology and Virology Techniques at the Federal University of Technology, Yola, with ongoing pursuits in Public Administration at Taraba State University.

Habu’s career is marked by roles as a Laboratory Technologist, Adherence Counselor, and leadership in community organizations such as the Gembu Center for HIV Advocacy Nigeria and the Damiater Peace Initiative Nigeria. As Commissioner since 2023, he drives strategic policy development, budget oversight, program management, stakeholder engagement, and administration to promote economic empowerment and poverty alleviation initiatives across Taraba State, epitomizing a commitment to transformative leadership and community welfare.

Hon. Commissioner for Special Duties and Social Services

Hon. Saviour Badzoilig Noku

Hon. Saviour Badzoilig Noku, born on March 3, 1974, in Kofai village, Jauro Yinu ward, has built his career around a steadfast commitment to education and public service. Beginning with his education at Nukkai Primary School and continuing through Government Science Secondary School and Taraba State University, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution in 2021, Hon. Noku has pursued knowledge with dedication. His professional journey started in education, progressing from roles as Assistant Education Officer to Senior Education Officer, highlighting his dedication to youth development and academic excellence. Transitioning seamlessly into public service, Hon. Noku served as Supervisory Councillor for Works in Ardo-kola Local Government Council and later as Councillor for Jauro Yinu Ward, where he demonstrated effective leadership as Council Leader from 2012 to 2015. His organizational acumen led to his current role as PDP State Organizing Secretary, a position he has held since 2020, alongside leadership roles in sports and youth development.

Currently, as the Commissioner for Special Duties and Social Services, Hon. Saviour Badzoilig Noku advises on socio-economic issues, oversees project implementation, and coordinates disaster response efforts in Taraba State. His proactive approach includes spearheading flood prevention campaigns, distributing agricultural inputs to disaster victims, and advancing poverty eradication and economic empowerment initiatives. Fluent in English, Hausa, and Jukun Kona, Hon. Noku bridges cultural divides, enhancing his effectiveness as a leader committed to improving the welfare of Taraba State residents through strategic governance and community-focused initiatives.

Hon. Commissioner of Ministry of Waste Management and Resource Innovation


Bernard Shonzen James Kassa, born on 20th September 1991, in Taraba State, is a distinguished waste management professional with a passion for environmental sustainability and public health. As the Taraba State Commissioner for Waste Management and Resource Innovation since 2023, he has significantly advanced the state’s waste management strategies, leveraging his diverse experience in event planning, real estate, and music to drive innovation and growth in the sector.

Under his leadership, the ministry has achieved notable milestones, including the verification and enrollment of sanitation workers, assessment and mapping of dumpsites, collaborations with key stakeholders, and the development of innovative waste management technologies. His vision is to create a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable environment for all residents of Taraba State, and his dedication to excellence has earned him recognition as a leader in the waste management sector.

With a strong background in waste reduction and recycling, waste collection and disposal, hazardous waste management, and waste-to-energy and circular economy, Commissioner Kassa is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of waste management and drive progress in Taraba State. His commitment to public awareness and education, innovation and technology adoption, stakeholder engagement, enforcement and regulation, research and data management, and green innovation and entrepreneurship has positioned him as a champion of sustainable development in the state.

Honourable Attorney General of Taraba State & Commission of the Ministry of Justice

Yakubu Maikasuwa, SAN

Yakubu Maikasuwa, SAN, the Honourable Attorney General of Taraba State, has significantly transformed the state’s legal landscape through his unwavering commitment to justice and excellence. With an LL.B degree from Ahmadu Bello University and a distinguished career starting from the Nigerian Law School in Lagos, Mr. Maikasuwa’s journey exemplifies dedication to the rule of law. His establishment of Yakubu Maikasuwa & Co., a reputable law firm, and his role as a Capital Market Consultant have cemented his reputation as one of Nigeria’s most respected legal minds.

As the Chief Law Officer of Taraba State, Mr. Maikasuwa oversees a robust Ministry of Justice, leading initiatives that have advanced the state’s legal framework. His notable contributions include restoring robe allowances for law officers, sponsoring government lawyers for continuous education, securing final accreditation for the Taraba State Faculty of Law, and supporting Law School students with bursaries. Additionally, he has successfully initiated Executive Order No. 5 for environmental regulation, hosted the Bar-Bench Forum to enhance legal administration, overseen the construction of a new Ministry of Justice Headquarters, and facilitated the compassionate release of over 70 prison inmates. Mr. Maikasuwa’s leadership is laying the groundwork for a more just and prosperous Taraba State, inspiring future generations to uphold the principles of justice.

Secretary to the Government of the State (SGS)

Barr. G.T Kataps

Chief Barr. Gebon Timothy Kataps, born on April 10, 1961, in Gembu, Taraba State, is a distinguished legal professional and public servant. He earned his LL.B. from the University of Maiduguri in 1988 and was called to the Nigerian Bar in 1990. Gebon’s career includes notable roles such as Executive Chairman of Sardauna Local Government, where he implemented innovative dispute resolution mechanisms and increased revenue, and as Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice in Taraba State, where he established the Federal High Court and reformed the court system.

Throughout his career, Gebon has held influential positions, including Special Adviser on Inter-Governmental Relations, Commissioner for Works, and Commissioner for Environment and Urban Development. His tenure as Secretary to the State Government was marked by significant advancements in digital infrastructure and boundary dispute resolutions. Recognized with numerous awards, Gebon continues to inspire as the Head of Chambers & Principal Attorney at Messrs G.T. Kataps & Associates, leaving a lasting legacy of service and excellence.

Chief of Staff

Mr. Jeji Williams

Jeji William Puye, hailing from Bambur in Taraba State, Nigeria, embarked on a remarkable journey characterized by a commitment to education, hard work, and community service. Beginning his career as a media professional at Gongola Television, he swiftly rose through the ranks, serving in influential roles such as Chief Press Secretary to Taraba State Governors and Director of Television and Radio Services. Puye’s expertise and dedication culminated in his appointment as Chief of Staff to the Taraba State Governor in 2023, where he orchestrates administrative activities and advises on strategic matters, playing a pivotal role in shaping the state’s future.

In his journey from a diligent student to a respected public servant and scholar, Dr. Jeji William Puye exemplifies unwavering dedication and excellence. His extensive experience in media, leadership, and governance, coupled with his academic achievements including a Ph.D. in History and Diplomatic Studies, have made him an indispensable figure in Taraba State’s administration. As Chief of Staff, he oversees crucial functions, ensuring effective communication, and execution of the Governor’s directives, thus contributing significantly to the progress and stability of Taraba State.

Head of Service

Mr Paul Maigida Tino

Paul Maigida Tino, born on September 9, 1966, in Sabongida Tukura, Taraba State, has had a distinguished career in public service marked by dedication and continuous self-improvement. Starting as a Livestock Superintendent in the State Ministry of Agriculture in 1990, he advanced through various roles, including Head Divisional Livestock Officer and Assistant Electoral Officer at TSIEC. Paul holds a Bachelor of Technology in Animal Science, a Postgraduate Diploma in Administration, a Master’s in Public Administration, and a Master’s in Disaster Risk Management. His extensive experience and expertise led to his appointment as Permanent Secretary in 2023.

Married to Mrs. Nancy Tino Paul and a father of three, Paul is also a devoted Christian and enjoys reading, singing, dancing, and livestock farming. His life story, from humble beginnings to becoming a Permanent Secretary, serves as an inspiration, reflecting his relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to public service.

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